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Cornelius emigrated from the Netherlands to Australia at the age of 18 in 1967, got his practical diploma as a restaurant cook at the Polytechnical College in Sydney, after which he worked his way travelling around the world for many years as a cook in various degrees. His interest for wine he developed during cooking at, and visits to, various wineries in Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Spain, Italy, France and Germany.

He also travelled to a many of the Greek Islands, of which a two year stay on the island of (find out about) Kythira. On this island he worked as a fisherman/cook during summer, in the off-season he helped tending small private vineyards.

Back in the Netherlands, he studied to become a Registered Oenologist and Liquorist at the Dutch Wine Academy and did a course in business administration. In 1989 he started his own company in The Hague: Savoir Vivre, specializing in wine-courses, cooking workshops, organising wine-events, writing about wine & food and guiding wine-travels.

Since September 2011 he started the Project Greek Wines 2012, consisting of:

the making of an interactive wine-website by the name of GrapeRover, first published March 2012, revised January 2013.
creating a comprehensive Greek wine guide and App. by the name of “It’s all Greek wine to me”.
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