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AUSTRIA (2) Kamptal & Wachau: WEINGUT LOIMER and WEINGUT HIRTZBERGER - April 30th, 2012
posted on 18/09/2012
Space-like wineries, historic, labyrinthine cellars, aged white wine diamonds, gigantic outdoor stoves, vineyards by the Danube and restless winemakers! New explorations at Weingut Loimer and Weingut Hirtzberger, in fascinating Austria!
AUSTRIA (1) Kremstal: SCHLOSS GOBELSBURG and WEINGUT HIRSCH - April 30th, 2012
posted on 12/09/2012
This is Vienna! An amazing adventure with awesome Georg and Florina! Check out our wine excursion at Kremstal, visiting 1,000 years' old Schloss Gobelsburg as well as modern Weingut Hirsch! Starring: all the interesting people we met and... Grüner Veltliner! The extremely fine Austrian white grape variety!
Roadtriping Crete (9) | TOPLOU MONASTERY - April 24th, 2012
posted on 31/08/2012
Abbot Filotheos narrates: “The first monastery here was created in 960 AD, but the monastery we are standing in was founded in 1300.” He went on a fascinating journey back in time, from the Venetian domination in 1204 to the great earthquake of 1612, the recent history and the Second World War.
posted on 31/08/2012
Cow manure mixed with cow horns kept in boxes of peat. Compounds of silicon dioxide and earthworms! They are all the means of Irini Daskalaki’s success! Organic farming and ‘Onirikon’ range by Mr. Kosmadakis can impress, while the stones of Diamantakis brothers’ Estate can create real ‘Diamond Stones’! Finally, in ancient Gortys, where Zeus mated with Europe, Stelios Zacharioudakis has made a wine miracle!
Roadtriping Crete (7) | ALEXAKIS, DOULOUFAKIS, IDAIA - April 22nd, 2012
posted on 31/08/2012
Wine people… At Finikia we meet with Stelios Alexakis, a really special gentleman, as well as his son Lazaros; he’s just back from California. At Dafnes, Nikos Douloufakis drives his 4X4 helicopter and pulls White Rabbits out of his hat, while Vassilis Laderos of Idaia Wines makes wines of all styles that make a splash!
Roadtriping Crete (6) | MILIARAKIS, TAMIOLAKIS, MICHALAKIS - April 21st, 2012
posted on 31/08/2012
Still in Crete! We are in the heart of the Heraklion vineyard. We get to know about the 19th century ‘Antonakis inn’ and the first bottled wine of Crete by Minos-Miliarakis winery, we sample beautiful blends by Tamiolakis Estate at Choudetsi and are guided through Michalakis Estate modern winery at Metaxochori…
Roadtriping Crete (5) | PEZA UNION, PATERIANAKIS, LYRARAKIS, STRATARIDAKIS - April 20th, 2012
posted on 27/07/2012
Our Cretan road trip is still on... What we experienced today is Peza Union's social role and the 'Party's Wine', the hard working bees from Domaine Paterianakis, the rare Cretan varieties cultivated in Domaine Lyrarakis, as well as the southernmost winery of Europe, Domaine Strataridakis! This excursion had it all!
Roadtriping Crete (4) | BOUTARIS, MEDITERRA, TITAKIS, STYLIANOU - April 19th, 2012
posted on 18/07/2012
ROUTE 4 / Heraklion - Skalani - Kounavoi

Our adventure in Crete is continued! We visit Skalani Estate by Boutaris Wines, as well as the 3 wineries from Kounavoi village: Mediterra, Titakis and Stylianou. Hi-tec multimedia approach, tsikoudia (classic!) and stories from the ancient wine-press in Vathipetro are included...
Roadtriping Crete (3) | HOLY TRINITY, ZOUMPERAKIS, KLADOS - March 31st, 2012
posted on 01/06/2012
ROUTE 3 / Chania - Akrotiri - Sfakia - Rethymno

From Chania and the Holy Trinity Monastery, to Sfakia and the mountainous Rethymno. Abbots, mayors, passionate winemakers and mountain artists complete the picture of our new adventure!
Roadtriping Crete (2) | ANOSKELI, ELAIOURGEION, LOUPAKI, PNEVMATIKAKIS - March 30th, 2012
posted on 21/05/2012
ROUTE 2 / Chania - Anoskeli - Dromonero - Kares - Drapanias Kissamou

Our second day in Crete includes olive oil, modern art, an old oil mill, classical music and the secrets of distillation. Oh, and wine. Much wine!! Enjoy!
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