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ACHAIA CLAUSS, PATRAS - March 22nd, 2013
posted on 28/03/2013
Visiting the Achaia Clauss wine castle, at Petroto Patras! A sensational experience and a fantastic journey through time and history! Kings, politicians, poets and musicians from Greece and abroad have visited and admired the imperial cellar with the old barrels with carved figures of classical Greece, dolphins, shields, helmets and satyrs... On the top, the perennial Mavrodafni of 1873 drifts us to a festive, carnival mood!
CHATEAU NICO LAZARIDI - January 18th, 2013
posted on 20/02/2013
Mythical creatures wearing Venetian masks, carnival figures into the mist, faces illuminated by the moonlight with a tower somewhere in the background, in front of the imposing Falakro and Menikio mountains... Visiting Chateau Nico Lazaridi and Drama, this unique cool climate wine region with the interesting soils and modern vinifications was an experience to remember!
posted on 21/01/2013
"In a few days, on January 7th, it will be Christmas day. So I am going and you’re welcome to come along if you want to!" Where? At the imposing monastery of Vatopedi in Mount Athos! The one with frescoes from 1,312 AD, a library with 2,050 manuscripts and scrolls, the oldest bell of Mount Athos, the clock tower and Virgin Mary’s Holy Belt. Oh, and the one matching Syrah with fish soup! What do the most daring Sommeliers know? Do you think I missed this?
ROVER SCOUT SEMINAR: "The fascinating world of wine" - November 10th, 2012
posted on 14/12/2012
Α Rover Scout Workshop titled "Experiencing the fascinating world of wine", for Scouts aged 15-18. It was a great and fun day with wine-tasting techniques, games, various wines, a winery visit, food and wine pairing and much more! Scouts... Be prepared!
ESTATE VOYATZI (Velvento Kozanis) - October 1st, 2012
posted on 13/12/2012
Deer, frogs, surrealism and a beautiful lake! I visited the magnificent Estate Voyatzis, just one day before they harvest their local xinomaro. A unique experience, next to the artificial lake of Aliakmon in Velvento, Kozani. No doubt I will be back!
HARVEST 2012 - CHATEAU PEGASUS, September 28th-30th, 2012
posted on 27/11/2012
Four days in Naoussa and the harvest at the unique Chateau Pegasus! The tractor rides, the legendary breaks to enjoy mezes, xinomavro wine and tsipouro spirit, the harvesting race in the vineyard, the valuable experience of sampling old vintages straight from the tanks and watching short films at the Naoussa International Film Festival! I had a blast ...again!
VERINO DISTILLERY - September 15th, 2012
posted on 14/11/2012
For the first time the star of our story is not wine, but the unique, crystal clear, aromatic, digestive spirit called tsipouro!!! The flame heats the copper pot stills, the batch distillation is on and I enjoy my first spirit-tourism trip to Verino distillery at Argos!
HARVEST 2012 - AIVALIS FAMILY VINEYARDS - 28.08.2012, 1-2.09.2012
posted on 19/10/2012
The vineyard in Gerakina, Christos Aivalis' thunderous words, the eight beautiful snow-white geese, the varietal Malbec that blew our minds and the outer space goat with pasta from Pluto and sauce from Neptune. Intergalactic moments at Petri Nemea and Aivalis Winery!
DOMAINE EVHARIS (Megara) - August 30th, 2012
posted on 15/10/2012
This land was actually sea 5.000.000 years before. A layer of limestone with sea fossils 70 cm deep into the soil is a clue that today’s vine land used to be a sea floor back in the day. And, as if all these were not enough, in many spots under the soil there is volcanic lava, a result of the volcanic activity of the nearby Alkyonides islands in the Corinthian Gulf!
posted on 01/10/2012
My involvement in wine makes a great excuse for me to frequently return to the ultimate neverland of the Greek and Global wine world; our beloved Santorini. This time round I will investigate another two really important wine producers of the island, Santo Wines and Hatzidakis Winery. New wine conquests are on my way!
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