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Road Trip Italy 2013 (3) | VENETO: MASI AGRICOLA & GIUSEPPE QUINTARELLI - October 5th, 2013
posted on 07/11/2013
We continue our Italian Odyssey moving west from Friuli to the neighboring Veneto. We tasted Valpolicella and Amarone wines by renowned producer Masi, as well as the ones of the descendants of poet Dante, author of 'The Divine Comedy' before we arrived at the cellar of high-end producer Guiseppe Quintarelli! We ended up at Verona, where we had more strolls, more fine wine, more great food, more Dolce Vita!
Road Trip Italy 2013 (2) | FRIULI: PARASCHOS, RADIKON, DAMIJAN - October 3rd, 2013
posted on 30/10/2013
Friuli, Italy! Here a group of small, family-owned, rebellious and unconventional artisan producers craft the so called ‘orange wines' with passion! Unfiltered, aged and with no added sulfite. The whites are vinified as if they were red (skin maceration - hence the orange color), in clay amphorae! We visited top producers Parashos Evangelos, Sasa Radikon and Damijan Podversic and... saw it all!
Road Trip Italy 2013 (1) | INTRODUCTION
posted on 21/10/2013
I was for a long time intending to embark on a journey to a country that had a wine and general interest before the winter arrives. We eventually ended up going to Northern Italy by car. We ended up visiting not one but six countries. After crossing Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, a tiny part of Bosnia and Slovenia, we finally arrived in Italy, the ultimate wine destination!
HARVEST 2013 - DOMAINE SKOURAS, ARGOS (III) - September 13th, 2013
posted on 17/10/2013
Bâtonnage at the white wines cellar, wild yeast Agiorgitiko, the revival of local variety 'Mavrostyfo Argous' and visiting the vineyard at 'Anaskelo', enjoying magnificent views: the whole Gymno Valley, Leontio and Nemea villages further lower. And right in the background we can see the mountaintop of Zireia Mountain, officially Mount Kyllini... My last day in the harvest of Domaine Skouras was full of great surprises!
HARVEST 2013 - DOMAINE SKOURAS, ARGOS (II) - September 12th, 2013
posted on 24/09/2013
Fermentation, maceration, tasting from the tanks and the barrels... A really busy time at Domaine Skouras! I also got to visit the vineyard at Gymno in Kamarorema and enjoyed a landscape as staggering as their grapes! Come with me at a great wine school, Domaine Skouras, in the heart of this year's harvest!
HARVEST 2013 - DOMAINE SKOURAS, ARGOS (I) - September 9th, 2013
posted on 16/09/2013
Continuing a great tradition joining harvests in 2010, 2011 and 2012 in Halkidiki, Santorini, Nemea and Naoussa, this year I decided to learn more about the charming, substantial, direct and always current work of Domaine Skouras, nearing the borders of PDO Nemea zone! Some of the best grapes from mountainous Argolida, Korinthia and Arcadia are assembled and processed at their impressive and modern winery located just outside Argos. Here we go, wanna come?
UWC SAMOS - July 11th, 2013
posted on 04/08/2013
Wine excursion to Samos, the Eastern Aegean island that almost touches the Turkish coast... The island known for its wonderful sweet wines and its impressive vineyard; a unique piece of art made by both nature and people... Samos is also the birthplace of Pythagoras, Aristarchus, Epicurus and (probably) Aesop; here history, nature, culture and great wines make up the perfect combination. Off to Samos then!
KOSTANTAKIS WINES, MILOS - June 22-23rd, 2013
posted on 26/06/2013
I got to wine-tour Milos, the awesome volcanic island at the heart of Aegean sea! The island where Venus de Milo was found, the island with rocks and soils studied by scientists around the World, the island with the finest beaches ever! And here, in this world-unique land, Kostantakis Winery revives the vineyard of the island. Is it possible? Sure it is!
MYLONAS WINERY, ATTIKI - April 28th, 2013
posted on 08/05/2013
Keratea Attica, Mesogia and Mylonas Winery! A young and daring producer, a Savatiano Ambassador who decided to enter the wine game with micro-vinifications, experimental vinifications in clay amphora and more! Young people tasting the family wines and olive oil make a shiny Mediterranean degustation in Attica and a happy atmosphere!
DIVINE VINTAGE: Biblical wines by Joel Butler MW - April 19th, 2013
posted on 25/04/2013
Mr. Joel Butler, a Master of Wine, historian and researcher of the Bible came to Greece to present his book titled «Divine Vintage - following the wine trail from Genesis to the modern age» at WSPC, at the same time presenting 18 wines from some of the first countries to produce wine, the so called "Biblical Countries": Georgia, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Turkey and Greece. Do you think I would miss this?
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