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GENTILINI WINERY, Kefalonia - August 16th, 2014
posted on 21/09/2014
Today I will tell you about Gentilini Winery and Vineyards at Minies, Kefalonia. Gentilini is a boutique winery entirely committed to producing high quality wines. Gentilini means product quality, openness, expertise, cooperativeness, evolution! Of course all these properties reflect the personalities of the owners and getting to know restless Petros Markantonatos better, I conclude nothing in life is coincidence after all!
posted on 26/08/2014
My good fortune sent me -for second summer in a row- to Lesvos, the charming island that offers its famous products to the world; products consubstantial to the conscience of an average Greek to the island itself: sardines, olive oil and -of course- ouzo. I have the pleasure and honor therefore to dedicate today's post to ouzo from Lesvos -the most famous of all Greek ouzos- and the presentation of two major ouzo producers of the island: 'Ouzo of Plomari Isidoros Arvanitis' and 'Ouzo Barbayanni’!
DOMAINE VASSILIOU, Koropi - July 5th, 2014
posted on 01/08/2014
Attiki prefecture is the largest area under vines in Greece, an area that offers unique wine tourism opportunities. We chose one of the oldest and most notable producers of Attiki, Domaine Vassiliou in Koropi and visited them a Saturday morning of July to better know their work with local grape variety Savatiano starring!
LEFKAS EARTH - April 18th, 2014
posted on 19/05/2014
Another Easter holiday in one of the most beautiful islands in the world... Lefkada! Lucky us! This is a good opportunity to visit the -perhaps- most active winery of the island called 'Lefkas Earth' and try out wines from the local grape varieties Vardea and Vertzami!
DOMAINE MEGA SPILAIO - February 20th, 2014
posted on 24/03/2014
Today I am going to talk to you about our visit at Cavino and its truly magnificent vineyard in the gorge of Vouraikos, the production of which is intended for the premium wine range “Domaine Mega Spilaio”. The entire area is a sensational enotourism destination in the heart of the Peloponnese: the gorge of Vouraikos with the funicular railway, the iconic monasteries of Agia Lavra and Mega Spilaio, the historic city of Kalavryta, the ski resort of Helmos, the spectacular Cave of the Lakes with the stalactites and subterranean lakes... Fasten up, off we go!
posted on 12/02/2014
In a short distance from Athens (120 km), at mountainous Corinthia there are two of the most remarkable wineries of Greece: Papargyriou Estate and Domaine Giouli. Both Estates are located in cold areas and put an emphasis on elegance. Being slightly outside the PDO zones of Nemea and Patras leaves them much space for experimentation, development and innovation! It was a cloudy Sunday in February... with wines to remember!
DOMAINE KATSAROS | Krania, Olympus - October 27th, 2013
posted on 02/01/2014
Τhe 28th of October –a National holiday in Greece- fell on Monday this time, making a long weekend for us to enjoy Mount Olympus and the surrounding villages as well as a visit at reputed Greek wine producer Domaine Katsaros! The views of Ossa Mountain, Krania and Pirgetos villages and the enchanting valley of Tempe raised the standards even more while sipping Katsaros wines from Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot!
Road Trip 2013 (6) | NAOUSSA: DALAMARA WINERY - October 13th, 2013
posted on 06/12/2013
We arrived at Igoumenitsa! Our Odyssey is about to end... It was a truly memorable adventure of 16 days in 5 countries that we wanted to end triumphantly! So once we got back to Greece, Igoumenitsa, instead of returning to Athens, we headed to the historic Dalamara Winery in my beloved Naoussa, the last wine-land of our trip, the legendary land of Xinomavro!
Road Trip Italy 2013 (5) | FRIULI: BENJAMIN ZIDARICH - October 11th, 2013
posted on 05/12/2013
Strolling around Trieste! A nice harbor city that revealed its beauty slowly, as we patiently discovered its Balkan, melancholic charm. We got to visit wine producer Benjamin Zidarich and explore their underground cellar, 16 meters deep! James Joyce, agrotourism centers, cows and goats complete the picture of our last stop on Italian soil!
Road Trip Italy 2013 (4) | PIEMONTE: CERETTO, FRATELLI ALESSANDRIA, BORGOGNO - October 7th, 2013
posted on 18/11/2013
We finally arrived at Piemonte, the westernmost and most distant point on our journey, just 1.5 hours from the French border, the Mediterranean sea and the Italian Riviera. This is the paradise of hazelnuts, white truffle and magical red wines from Nebbiolo! Our adventure includes UFO-shaped observatories, stone cellars and strolls around the mythical village of Barolo!
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