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AUSTRALIA 2018 (3) | HENSCHKE - Eden Valley
posted on 21/09/2018
I continued my Australian adventure to Eden Valley, a sub-zone in the south-eastern Barossa. I visited the Henschke family stone winery at Eden Valley’s Keyneton, where in 1868 Johann Christian Henschke produced the first vintage.
AUSTRALIA 2018 (2) | HEWITSON & TORBRECK - Barossa Valley
posted on 21/09/2018
Visiting the world-renowned Barossa Valley in South Australia and tasting stunning wines with personality and character, mainly based on the Rhône varieties of France. I loved the wines of the Hewitson family as well as those of Torbreck, including the legendary RunRig.
AUSTRALIA 2018 (1) | Introduction
posted on 21/09/2018
Trip to Australia, a country well known for its kangaroo, koala, the Great Coral Reef, beaches and vast deserts and cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. And of course wine! I tasted wines from a very active community of small and medium-sized independent producers who have inexhaustible viticulture and wine-making knowledge and produce modern wine diamonds.
KTIMA BIBLIA CHORA | Kokkinochori, Kavala - June 5th, 2018
posted on 03/07/2018
Ktima Biblia Chora in Kokkinohori Kavala, with less than two decades of life, is a true game changer that created an unprecedented wine buzz in Greece. Flagship wines like Ovilos, Plagios, Sole, Biblical as well as the classic Biblia Chora range have push the limits of domestic grape-growing and winemaking in top-class international standards.
TSELEPOS WINERY | Mantineia Arcadia - November 10th, 2017
posted on 28/12/2017
Domaine Tselepos is a real gem of the Peloponnesian vineyard and the Greek wine in general, located fourteen kilometers from Tripoli. Founder Yiannis Tselepos from Cyprus decided to invest in the area due to Moschofilero, an exotic, fine and delicate local variety, thus he bought his first vineyards in 1989 on the eastern slopes of Parnonas mountain range.
ARTEMIS KARAMOLEGOS WINERY | Santorini - September 15th, 2017
posted on 24/10/2017
Every time I taste the wines of Santorini producer Artemis Karamolegos in various exhibitions, I get excited. This time I had the chance to taste them together with oenologist Lefteris Anagnostou at their production site visiting their winery in Exo Gonia, Santorini. Pyritis, Mystirio, Santorini, Mavrotragano, Vinsanto and other stories of wine-tasting pleasure!
VASSALTIS VINEYARDS | Santorini - September 15th, 2017
posted on 29/09/2017
A young, cosmopolitan businessman owning land in Santorini, two young distinguished oenologists with experience on the island, the necessary financial resources and one of the most intriguing vineyard regions on the planet. These were the basic ingredients of Vassaltis Vineyards, the youngest winery in Santorini, which contributed to the great result that naturally followed.
DOMINIO DE PINGUS | Ribera del Duero, Spain - May 3rd, 2017
posted on 07/09/2017
Visiting the legendary, cult winery Dominio de Pingus, founded in 1995 by Danish Peter Sisseck. But how did Peter manage in just two decades to be selling all his wines En Primeur, one year ahead of their official release? Density and strength coexist with freshness and finesse. Of course he has much more aces up his sleeve!
VEGA SICILIA | Ribera del Duero, Spain - May 3rd, 2017
posted on 18/07/2017
Visiting legendary producer Vega Sicilia of Álvarez family, in Spain's Ribera del Duero. Legendary Unico and Valbuena 5ο are produced here with the history, myth and quality of these wines directly reflected in their prices. Α seductive wine experience in the Iberian peninsula.
posted on 25/04/2016
Our visit at Ktima Diamantakos in Mantemi, just four kilometers from the center of Naoussa. That day both sunshine and the charming tango music event organized flooded Diamantakos winery with a beautiful cosmopolitan aura. The wines were really elegant and fully justified the producer’s status in the minds and hearts of wine lovers in both Greece and abroad.
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